How Social Media Harvest Your Website Power

Hello dear visitors, in our first Blog post we decided to talk about how exactly Social Media websites, most popular of them takes your own power and collectively of many individuals, let’s put it like this. God has his worshipers social media has it’s users, unfortunately many users do not realize that they are in reality worshipers of such God’s as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and many others, it’s like a religion for them and sadly more important than real God in heaven.

So how does such websites the God’s of social platforms take your power so they remain on top, first what they do is convince many internet users so that you put their idols and saint icons on your own websites, the idols/icons are the Social Media Buttons, yes you did not think of this i m sure of that, this psychological tactic is meant to create a image in the users (worshippers) mind of a false popular social media God, the more buttons, talk, images, words you use about them on every website the more power you give to them. If you visit today any website almost all of them give their own power through such social media buttons, in the end everyone uses their platforms forgetting about your website and your website is losing it’s popular traffic that it had once, believe me many websites are now on FB groups and pages.

The next step that FB and others use is to capture as many individuals and businesses as possible, what happens next i see as such, in their heads they say “we allowed you to create a free page or group on our platform, now if you want to be found you will have to pay us” example FB ads to boost your posts and other things related to your page, believe me they will bring you artificially down so that you pay them allot to just keep you at the top, imagine a balloon with no air in it that sinks at the bottom of the water, to keep it floating you need to pump air which are ads, g,o,o,g,l,e does the same, don’t worry you can have even one dictionary word domain name, until you don’t pay them for ads you will not be shown on top no mater what SEO you did there.

Then you will realize sooner or later that you had a great website which was flourishing and you gave your power to them, also do not forget that all your activity is recorded, example (IP, face id from pictures, retina, search data, friends, interests, chat, words, microphone, x4 cameras on smartphone, what you eat, pee and poop) they know everything and then handed for free or sold to advertisers so they will know what exact ads to shoot at you everyday.

Want your power back my lovely dear reader?
Here is our advice what to do to fight them and take your power back.

  1. stop using social media websites
  2. stop sharing buttons on your websites
  3. stop talking about them
  4. stop recommending them
  5. build your own website if you don’t have one yet
  6. tell your users to come to your website not FB groups and pages
  7. stop worshiping this false God’s, be your own God with your own website
  8. delete your accounts from them or use your account against them, add a link to your own website
  9. don’t post anything on their platforms, the more content you share the more power you give to them and the more rich they become by selling your private data or for free it does not matter, for them is a profitable cycle!

If you follow this rules they will die slowly but steady and your website will flourish like it was before.

Say no today to social media and gain your power back tomorrow!

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