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The domain nature of is made up of a 8 number a D letter and Cube EN word, the definitions we have foresee when creating this DN were two and we define them as 8 Dot Cube or 8 Dimensional Cube or even a 3rd option 8 Data Cube, why you may ask, well because a cube is made of 8 main connections/dots/points/corners in total, no more no less. This DN can be used in the following fields of interest.

  1. developer
  2. games
  3. media
  4. codding
  5. branding
  6. services
  7. software
  8. art

The DN is short, easy to remember or type in browser or search on internet, we consider this DN good for making games, movies, music or software or store data but anyway the buyer will see it’s own potential no matter of the proposed ideas here.

Also not forget that number 8 stands for infinity and can be applied as such.

With this DN we offer 2 free designed logo 2D/3D and per your request if you don’t like it, we offer free design of other logo or adjust the available one.

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