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The Nature of is made up of arc (high voltage) and semi from semiconductor, together it forms this hyper premium brand name.
We consider that this brand name can be used in the following businesses.

  • technology
  • semiconductors
  • microelectronics
  • electronics
  • manufacturing
  • engines
  • IT
  • AI
  • digital
  • computing
  • software
  • electricity
  • energy
  • hardware
  • vehicles
  • processors
  • apps
  • cars
  • brand
  • business
  • corporation
  • product

This domain is short, easy to remember and type, it can be used in many areas of software and apps development or components manufacturing, who knows this might be the next similar to onsemi company but with a better suited name, why our name is better you may ask, well because on just mean turning on the semiconductor but a semiconductor in first place must be powered by electricity that is why our name is better than theirs plus arc is shorter than electricity and combines perfectly as arcsemi brand, just think a little bit and you will see that we are right!
If you have an idea for a brand new semiconductor company this is the perfect diamond you were looking for.
The .COM gTLD is the king of domain names, this domain is a hyper premium, meaning you must have the funds similar to onsemi company to be able to buy it.

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