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Are you looking for a strong tech brand, to create a tech related website, which will stand out of all the Internet related websites?
This is your chance, the arcsemicon DN is made of Arc word (high voltage) and short Semicon, which is from full word of Semiconductor, which is very well suited for… see (Usage Fields).
The domain has not much meanings, please refer to (Decoding) below for more understanding.


  1. Arcsemicon (tech brand)
  2. ArcSemicon (Arc Semiconductor)

Usage Fields

  • Company
  • Brand
  • Technology
  • Semiconductor
  • Microelectronics
  • Electronics
  • Assembly
  • Factory
  • Devices
  • Machines
  • Supply
  • Chips
  • SMD
  • Manufacturer


  1. uses .COM TLD (Top Level Domain)
  2. on topic
  3. unique
  4. memorable

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