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The nature of is made of brain and lights English words, combined together it forms this interesting DN which can be used in the following areas of purpose.

  • network
  • services
  • internet
  • product
  • energy
  • technology
  • data
  • shop
  • hosting
  • server
  • blog
  • web
  • store
  • software
  • development
  • business

The is 11 letter long however our version is better than brainlight version which make it a good candidate for a brand, that can offer communications, internet or hosting services. Our version is better because human brain has allot of brain connections which spark as a network of billion of lights, there are only a couple of people like me who can see and describe them in detail.
The .net extension refers to Network related sites it is the second most important TLD after .com extension.

P.s. we would draw a logo or make a video about brain lights, but due to too many of lazy grabbers on internet we don’t want to expose our creativity for free, so they grab it and implement in their shit of sites, that is why after you buy this domain we will draw it at additional costs if you would require!

If you have an idea for a network related service site, this DN is perfect.

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