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The nature of is made up of forum and hive English words, which sounds similar to archive word.
This DN is very good suited for the following purposes.

  • blog
  • forum
  • social
  • media
  • hivers
  • forums
  • community
  • events
  • website
  • farm
  • plugin
  • software
  • area
  • gathering
  • developers

The domain name is 9 letter long but sound good for a website community, who knows maybe this is next facebook site, if you dare to try you might succeed. This domain name can be used for a forum site which cover all areas and topics of our lives, it can be a discussion board for all types of human activities.
Also it can be used for those people who deal with bees and harvest honey, it can be used as a discussion board for that purpose, our advice stop using FB and build your own community until it’s not too late, facebook is using psychological tactics to keep you addicted to it, we just hope you will realize soon how bad it is.
If you plan to develop a blog or forum this DN is perfect for such purposes.

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