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The domain nature of brand is made up of 2 or 3 English words, the Ion is a atomic energy because many battery are powered by Ions on atomic level, the Tor is also technical word many electronic components end with tor, example resis-tor, capaci-tor, varis-tor, transforma-tor etc. The reason why Tor is found in many technical words is because of Torus word which is a energy field and more precisely a magnetic one, also Tor is related with God of thunder Thor in some way.
The second meaning of this domain is i-on-tor meaning i m on a mountain top, something like that.
The Iontor brand can be used in the following fields of interest.

  1. technology
  2. travel
  3. software
  4. free energy
  5. science
  6. shop
  7. education
  8. health

Anyway as always the proper buyer will know exactly in what area to use such a great domain name, the domain can be bought from SAV marked just visit by it’s link and buy it today and be happy tomorrow with a great name for your best project.
In our opinion this domain is better than iontop,com  this is because our domain sounds better as a brandable.

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