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The nature of is made of 2 English words Plane & Teres, combined together it forms this great DN which can be used in the following areas of company.

  • travel
  • game
  • brand
  • hotel
  • store
  • aviation
  • booking
  • real estate

This DN has more than one meaning Plan e Teres, Plane Teres and or Planet Eres, as you can see it is versatile.
History: this domain was created 4 years ago after i had a dream that the real old name of our Earth is Teres but it is not used because people don’t know from known available sources, also Planet word in reality is a short word taken from this longer which is Plane-Teres, however Teres current usage is found in medicine used to name a muscle in human body, see Wikipedia for more info. Also the Teres from Latin can mean smooth in English.

This DN is easy to remember, even if so long it sounds as a brandable one word, not really hard to type, many people just search the internet, if you take care of SEO and ads it will be found easy, no pain in the but.

If you have and idea for a store, game or real estate company this DN is perfect, have any questions Contact Us.

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