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The Nature of is made up of Prana Hindi word and 8 number, Prana is seen as a universal energy which flows in currents in and around the body, we think this is the Ether English version.
We consider this a great name which can be used in the following cases.

  • spirituality
  • meditation
  • chakra
  • healing
  • clinic
  • yoga
  • astrology
  • horoscope
  • fitness
  • tarot
  • magic
  • psychic
  • product
  • brand
  • blog
  • item
  • shop
  • magazine
  • store
  • drink

This domain is short, easy to remember and type, it can be used even for other cases like IT services, software and apps. Number 8 is a special number which means infinite, never ending and duality.
If you have an idea for a product or offer services, this DN is perfect.
Also because Prana is related to breath, this could be a brand name for a weed/cannabis/hemp related product, which can be sold under such interesting name.

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