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The nature of is made of 2 English words Thor which is God of thunder and Arc which also mean electricity spark, combined together it forms this great DN which can be used in the following areas of company.

  • electricity
  • electronics
  • technology
  • brand
  • business
  • shop
  • store
  • arc welder
  • product
  • arc lighter
  • jewelry welder
  • generator
  • free energy
  • TIG
  • MIG

This DN is very good, easy to type and can become a great Brand name to remember for anything related to electronic products. We see this name on an arc welder and a interested company can buy this DN and produce high quality arc welders which are also named TIG welders. Not excluded to be used for jewelry welders or any other related industry, with your success is guaranteed.

Also many words in different languages are ending with Tor and we think this is not by coincidence it refers to God Thor only without (h) letter.

This DN is owned by a (3rd party) not by us, but we assume all responsibility for selling it on our website!
If you have an idea for a brandable Arc Welder business this DN is perfect, have any questions Contact Us.


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