Refund Policy

Payment Methods

We offer on our site this type of payment methods PayPal, Escrow, Bitcoin, Ethereum or other payment methods which we may agree to use with interested buyer, however we will not use other payment method than PayPal for Renting a domain name or Logo Design service.

Domain Names

Warning: before you buy or invest into any domain names think 8 times, and gather all the needed information before you proceed, also make sure you have the needed funds into your funding sources!

1. Buy Now/Make a Offer/Auction RP

a. if the payment was made using PayPal or Escrow and for some reason we have failed to transfer the domain name from our Registrar to yours = Full Refund

b. if the domain name was successfully transferred to your Registrar and you changed your mind later, unfortunately we don’t take back domains we sold, as this is considered a consumed action, please think before act! = No Return/Refund

c. if payment was made using Bitcoin or Ethereum = No Refund

2. Rental RP

a. if for some reason you changed your mind and no longer want to rent the domain name and you already paid for the month = Partial Refund

b. if the domain name was sold by Buy Now or Make a Offer and it was in the Rental applied service = Partial Refund

Note: the partial refund is calculated for non used time that remained, example if the renting price per month was 30USD and there remained 10 days for rent, you will receive 10USD as partial refund.

3. Make it Yours RP

a. if the first installment payment went through but you changed your mind during first month of use, and if the payment was made using PayPal, in such case the Rental service is applied = Partial Refund
Example: if the predefined installment price is 1000USD per month which you paid but the renting price is 100USD per month for the domain in question, we will calculate and deduct an amount from this 100USD for total used time and refund you the remaining from the total money paid by you.

b. if the buyer already paid for more than 2 installments and further but for some reason he is not wanting the domain any longer or have no funds, in such case the Rent service is applied and all the paid installments are calculated and applied as such considered paid in front for renting = No Refund

Note 0: we are not responsible for any fees in case of any refund which were processed by the payment processor.

Note 1: however if one of our domain name was purchased, rented or paid in installments on other 3rd party sites that provide similar services, in such cases the Refund Policy of those sites apply to our domains.

Logo Design

Note: only PayPal payment option is used for logo design works.

1. Logo Design RP

If for some reason you have decided that you no longer need this service or did not liked or accepted our designed logo, we will refund 80% from the full paid price, because we put work and time we are not going to work for free of charge, so before you order Logo Design make sure to note this and check our examples on the Origin page. We also reserve the right to sell the developed logo to someone else further as the Copyright owners.

2. Logo Remake/Adjustment RP

We do not offer refunds for this types of services!

Making of WP Sites RP

Note: in this case PayPal or other type of payment option is used, depending on the amount of price for a project.

If for some reason you have decided that you no longer need this service or you did not liked how we made it, we will do half of refund, because we have invested our time and work into this, which we could invest in something else or other project. Please understand us we live in hard times and working for free is a Robot/Slave behavior.

This Privacy Policy was created: on 15 October 2020

This Privacy Policy was updated: on 14 December 2020

Any updates to this Refund Policy will be published without notice, check here frequently!