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Hello dear visitor, in our today Blog post we would like to bring to your attention of what exactly makes a website, so it becomes reachable on the Internet.

A website is made up of a couple of simple things such as…

  1. The Internet (World Wide Web) ISP Providers, they serve everyone.
  2. ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), they serve everyone.
  3. Registry (Verisign, Donuts etc) they serve only Registrars.
  4. Web Hosting (Content Server) but also Domain Name Registrars, they serve end users Registrants.
  5. Domain Name (Web Address) anyone can buy them.
  6. End users (you and me) we are named Registrants.
  7. Your PC (Local Server) you can host your own Websites at home.

The Internet (World Wide Web) ISP Providers

Everybody knows what is the Internet already, the internet is a bunch of connected computers with millions of websites, the ISP provider is your local (ISP) Internet Service Provider, which you pay monthly to be able to connect to those millions of online computers and content servers.

Web Hosting (Content Server) Companies

We have previously discussed what is a (DN) Domain Name, please see our Blog for reference, anyway that is just the (Web Address) like a street address of your home.
Now let’s take this example, you have buy the web address (DN) whish is like a plot of ground, but there is no house yet built, to build a house you need to build it on your own (Local Server) your own PC or hire a specialized construction company (Shared, VPS, Cloud or Dedicated Hosting Server) hosting known as the (Content Server) where all your website data is hosted, we prefer to use the later one because for the (Local Server) you would have to run on a local powerful PC, maybe not very powerful, but this PC would have to stay up and running day and night, so the domain name (Web Address) is reachable 100% always.

There are allot of (Web Hosting) companies, some examples are…

  1. Hostinger
  2. DreamHost (good)
  3. SiteGround (good)
  4. Godaddy (avoid)
  5. Bluehost (avoid)
  6. HostGator (unknown but it can be similar to 4 and 5)
  7. others (google)

Most of them also offer for sale (Web Addresses) domain names, some of them even offer one free domain, but those free domains are not special ones, you will have to create them on your own by Brain Storming for some time, at the moment we use Hostinger it’s affordable and easy to manage, we have try previously Godaddy and Siteground, however it’s up to you who will be your construction company.
Also don’t forget that a construction (Web Hosting) company is just that, you will need to hire constructors (Website Builders) to build your website like installing the preferred web application, adding content, such as pages, posts, shop, products etc, or you can learn on your own and be a constructor yourself and build your own website from scratch, as you desire it to be, which of course is time consuming, this companies also offer (Managed Hosting) the so called managed WordPress, where there is a group of workers who take care of your website, so you can concentrate your time on selling your products and services.

Website Building Essentials

This is how a website get’s built and becomes reachable on the whole Internet.

  1. Buy Internet services plan from local ISP providers, whatever company you have locally.
  2. Buy Domain Name from our Marketplace and others or register for free at offering company, Brain Storming required, not talking about Marketing that free reg!
  3. Buy Hosting plan at offering company or build Locally a (Local Host) Server PC, Developer capabilities required and resources of course.


After one has all the 3 website building essentials, you can make your presence available online, whether you hire someone to do it for you or have the knowledge to build it on your own, we are here to help you, we can even host your website on our VPS as we already do for a couple of our friends, if you have any further questions, do not hesitate to reach us out.


This article was written because many people do not know much about the difference in Web Addresses (DN) and Hosting Companies (CS), we hope that we were able to explain how everything works in a down to earth language.

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