What is a Domain Name and What Importance Does it Have?


In the today post we are going to explain to end users which visit our website, what is a domain name and what importance does it have, in an ever growing digital Internet world, which is already a part of our everyday life, in fact the Internet itself is one of the first Virtual Worlds, well excluding only our dream state and imagination.


Simple as it is, a domain name is a name as any other given name to you after birth, given to your pet, your shop or business, basically it is the name of your website, where people can reach you out, it is similar to a street name in a City, similar to your home address, where people can visit to reach or get in contact with you.


Why some domain names are so expensive you may ask, well this is because those domain names are very rare and unique, and there is no such other name, they might be one dictionary word, a rare brand or rare 2 and 3 combination of words, even if you find them in other gTLD extensions, what matters is the TLD’s (Top Level Domain) extensions that make them pricey. So it depends of this factors that make them expensive. A domain name can be valuable even ignoring all the below factors, you may just see a domain name and get in love with it, because it resonates with you in a unique and special way (rings a bell), and believe me doing what you love to do will bring you the always wanted success, even if your name is not so important in the eyes of other people.


  1. TLD
  2. dictionary word
  3. short
  4. memorable
  5. sound good
  6. rare
  7. unique
  8. have most searches
  9. most used words
  10. age
  11. does ring a bell

Top TLD in The World

At the moment the most important TLD in the world is .COM TLD, because it has the biggest quantity of domain name registrations in the world and it is one of the first and oldest known extension in history, thus having a domain name with this extension, gives you the top place into the digital world of Internet, as we know it, of course it also depends of your website type, the content and purpose, a domain name can be more valuable in .NET, .ORG, .IO, .XYZ etc. It depends of many factors which will influence you to choose in the end the proper Domain Name and proper TLD for that name.

Best Marketplace

It does not really matter where you buy the desired Domain Name, but ask yourself would you give your money to big corporations like Godaddy or to some small businesses like us. It is up to you to judge, a domain name is a domain name which deserves to be bought even from the smallest company or individual.
Problem is that big corporations have millions to spend on marketing and ads, but we don’t have such big money to brainwash you to buy our domains, sorry to say like this but that is what big corporations do to tell you that their Marketplace is more sweet than of others and you know it works most of the times, because this big corporations also hire psychologists, which know how to make anything stick in human minds.
If you think that Nike is better than Puma or vice versa believe me it is not, every product is good in it’s own way, of course only after you experience it.


That is why dear reader we recommend you to visit our Garden and choose the proper domain name in the proper TLD, however do not hesitate to contact us if you have any difficulty choosing, with the proper information at hand, we will help and guide you to make the right decision.

Thank you for the read, I hope you will make the right decision, peace and have a good life!

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